Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Problems Are Problems

At a luxury resort guests are expecting nothing short of spectacular. Working at the Montelucia has allowed me to deliver these spectacular experiences to many guests, but with everything and everyone we please there will always be guests who leave unfulfilled. Being the summer months not many people are willing to travel to Arizona unless they have a reason. This has allowed the Montelucia to develop a highly strategical Summer Marketing and Promotional program offering rates under $100. This will of course still attract the luxury traveler, but at the same time it also attracts what I call the "Styrofoam Coolers and Cutoffs" or better known as The Cheap Guest.

The Cheap Guest (CG) loves to book amazing hotels at discounted rates, I mean who wouldn't? What you do not understand about CG is that he books great rates, and then strives to make every employee at the resort miserable until he gets everything imaginable complimentary. This guest abuses hotel staff and sincerity and takes being a jerk to a whole new level. There was one time we had a CG that complained numerous times about not having a pillow mint and wanted to have an upgrade and caused such a ruckus for one whole day and 3 different managers that he not only got an upgrade but a 35% discount at dinner. All for something that started over a pillow mint. At times I find these guests very frustrating, annoying, and relentless however it was not until a recent trip to Los Angeles for a two day music festival that I found myself demonstrating the CG's mannerisms.

I quickly take a step back now and realize that I started becoming the exact person that, the first time around, caused me to hate my job at the Montelucia and eventually end in my first resignation. Now with a second chance to come back and help the hotel grow and succeed I have a new outlook and attitude. To turn every CG into a guest with a spectacular experience.

It is time to focus on my career goals and by not letting the guests get the best of you is going to be the biggest challenge when starting at the resort again. I believe it is going to take a lot of work and a lot of hours letting my anger out at the gym, but to be able to deal with guest satisfaction is going to be the key to me advancing in the Front Office.

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