Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ari Gold the Ideal Business Man

At the top of this blog you will see daily quotes by Ari Gold. Ari Gold is a Hollywood super-agent, and the current representation of actor Vincent Chase in the HBO hit series Entourage. This happens to be my all-time favorite TV show, and Ari my favorite of the cast. Despite his position as one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood, Ari is also one of the most powerful SALESMEN in the the "business". To be in business one needs a strong work ethic and quick reaction time.

Now I am not one of those people that dresses like his favorite cast member and pretends that he is in the actual show, such as Star Wars fans and the recent Twilight crazed teenage girls. However to mimic yourself after Ari Gold's CHARACTER and BUSINESS ETHIC is a sure fire way to make you successful in the business world.

Not only is Ari a quick witted hilarious family man, Ari knows how to conduct business, several times throughout the show Ari talks about business ethics and sales and marketing. He understands the hard work it takes to make it in Los Angeles, and that is what I admire most about this character.

Within my position as a sales intern I get to see a lot of projects develop, negotiated, and agreed upon. I get to meet and negotiate with all types of different people in the Mesa area, and having that Ari Gold Swagger will only be beneficial when dealing with clients in the business world.

While this blog is for my senior internship I am trying to make it interesting and fun. Now again I am not trying TO BE ARI GOLD, but to represent the mindset and qualities that the character has. So sit back enjoy this wonderful blog for the next 12 weeks and remember to check out what hilariousness Mr. Gold has for each one of you every day at the top of this page!

To show how determined Ari is, I leave you with this quote (edited version) "When I go, in no time, you will be repping nobodies, like Bill from the Apprentice. No one needs to make a decision right now. I will be starting my own agency. Two very important goals will apply. To make everyone, who is one, from the ground floor, rich! And to burn this motherfu***** place to the ground. I work harder than anyone in this town and I'm going to prove it!"

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  1. The quotes have been temporarily disabled due to vulgarity, while Ari will no longer be gracing the top of this page, do keep in mind his goals and achievements