Monday, June 7, 2010

Can I get an Amen?!?!?!

For all the people who just graduated out there and still have no idea what they want to do, trust me you are not alone!!!! I thought three years ago that I wanted to travel the globe experience new things, live in a big city. That was 95% of the reason why I became a tourism major. I had no idea what I wanted to do I just thought that I needed to get out of Arizona. Being here my whole life I have done almost everything there is to do in Arizona and I have not had much exposure to any other areas. Now after 4 years of ASU and about 8 months of thinking I am not sure I am ready to leave. There is so much I could do and still enjoy the amazing state of Arizona.

The CVB has opened many doors for me even in the first 2 weeks. I have networked with some very important people in the Mesa East Valley Area. Do not get me wrong I would love to be in a big city with lots of culture, who wouldn't? What I was too ignorant to realize is Phoenix is a big city, it is spread out, there is plenty to experience and learn you just have to find it after a while. Now another big contributing factor for my recent change of heart and wanting to stay in Arizona is the amazing weather. I mean c'mon pool parties in February does not get much better than that.

The CVB has allowed me to work some pretty interesting events, and has allowed me to see how functions take place from a sales point of view. While my main goal is to be successful in a big city until I reach the time in my life where I am ready to make the big move I think Arizona will be just fine.

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