Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome to my life

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Now that we got all that legal stuff out of the way, let me start off by introducing myself. I am Thomas and I have lived in Arizona my ENTIRE life. When I was a Sophomore in college I still had no idea what I wanted to do however I just knew I wanted it to take me out of Arizona so I could explore new cultures and surroundings. That is when I heard about the Tourism Development and Management major at ASU. Since then I have to tell you that I dove right in to the Tourism and Travel industry for a little of two years, and there could not be a more exciting and vast field to be a part of.

My previous employer was a beautiful 5 star hotel in Scottsdale named the InterContinental Montelucia Resort and Spa. When I began on the pre-opening team I was trained with the highest level of hospitality and it was ingrained in me that perfect moments and perfect experiences were the reasons that travelers came back. Being involved in the Front Office I only saw limited action within the Sales Department, but all I knew is they traveled and sold and those are two things that I am very good at.

Being involed with the CVB in the past week I have already seen many sides of the Sales portion of the tourism industry. I have seen contracts, meetings, and even the actual events run. In one week I have been exposed to many aspects of the sales sector.

Stay Tuned for Details..........

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